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Product page optimization: 19 verified tactics to convert your visitors to customers!

Watching your site being noticed is something amazing, but is it enough? What good are these visitors if they come and go without buying anything? Having visits alone is half the job done, so you have to do something about it. This is where product page optimization comes into play. You have to turn your visitors into customers. And for that product page conversions is the key for online store owners, as this will ensure the survival of your business in the longer run. Keep in mind that conversion may take some time, so be patient and see how it goes.


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1) Convince your customer to buy

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Convincing a confused customer to buy can be very tricky, but if you succeed with that you’ll witness a visible increase in your product eCommerce landing page conversions. Such customers turn into skeptics and abandon their shopping carts without checking out. Using tactics to convince your customer might help. Make sure not to force the customer, or they will lose interest. Tell your customer that by abandoning the cart without checking out, he might not buy items at the same price in the future. This will trigger customers’ interest, and they might decide to purchase now rather than later. 


2) Use A/B testing for product page optimization

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Methods like A/B testing allows you to identify what changes you need to make for your product page optimization. The technique involves putting different variations of your webpage against each other. Both variations will get 50% of your visitors. Inserting these variations will inform you of the insights that which version of the site provides a higher conversion rate. Trident AB can help you with this! They promise fast conversions using innovative techniques. They will help you optimize your site by using A/B testing methods and comparing different variations of your eCommerce landing page. Comparing different site variations against random and comparing results will help increase your landing page conversion rate.


3) Add seals and certifications to your site


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Customers are usually skeptics, as they rarely trust sites. As a site owner, it is over you to make your site more credible and authentic. which can be done by adding original seals and certifications to your site. This will let the customer trust your site and make purchases without fearing transaction theft. Sites that are encrypted win customer’s trust much faster as compared to those that have none. 


4) Choose fast servers to host your website


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Hosting your site on slow and unreliable services negatively affects your site’s landing page conversion rate. Thus, it’s essential for E-commerce sites to use fast servers as this makes a huge difference. Instead of opting for a shared hosting plan, putting your site on a dedicated server can make it safer and run quicker, which means more product page conversions.  Sites that utilize dedicated services are less likely to slow down and cause a bad visitor/ customer experience. 


5) Mobile-friendly website for maximum product page conversions

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The number of smartphone users is growing exponentially. Each year, more users are browsing on the internet using their phones. Thus, making your site mobile friendly is the need of the hour. In this way, you will be able  to reach a market segment that you had not previously considered. As the majority of customers prefer to purchase using smartphones. Optimizing your site and making it easier to browse on smartphones will increase traffic to your site, which will inevitably improve your landing page conversion.  


6) Track visitor movements


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You can track your visitor’s movements using different online tools. These tools let you know about your visitors’ activity while  browsing your site. It gives you an idea of what they click on the website and things they don’t consider. These insights can be priceless as they allow you to make the necessary changes. Conducting these changes will help in improving the conversion rate of your website.  Moreover, you can also add a visitor counter to your website as it will make it easy to track visitors. These tools will inform you about daily, weekly, and monthly visits and will assist you in making it more appealing. Since attention of visitors is all you need to increase your product page conversions.


7) Add live chat to your website to enhance product page conversions



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Adding a live chat tab to the website is an excellent idea, as it leads to one on one interaction with visitors. Through this visitors  get their queries answered instantly without any hassle. Site owners love it because it is easy and cost-effective to implement. This handy tool improves chances of turning visitors into customers as they get their queries answered immediately which is quite convenient. Moreover, it also eliminates confusion and reduces the possibility of customers abandoning their shopping carts. 


8) Be straightforward


Customers tend to take free trials with suspicion as they might have had bitter experiences in the past. Companies that lock customers into something they do not want, lose them quickly. Do the opposite if you have customer retention in mind. Be straightforward and avoid asking too many details. Do the same with your checkout form where many sites acquire lots of information from customers not realizing that this can be agonizing. 

 Customers tend to keep a distance from sites that have lengthy checkout forms. They prefer to pay the amount and enjoy their time with the product. Filling lengthy forms may not be what they had expected. so it’s better to avoid long questionnaires at your checkout page. Only include pertinent questions in the checkout form. 


9) Keep forms short and precise

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Converting visitors into customers is vital to the success of your business. Filling lengthy forms that ask for too much unnecessary info can turn your visitor away. Keep your forms precise and to the point, to make sure you give the customer their best shopping experience. Once a happy customer is a customer forever, keep that in mind. As once you build their trust, they are likely to visit your site very often and might even suggest it to their friends and family. Thus, prioritizing customer’s comfort and satisfaction is very essential, because the main source that will lead you to product page optimization are your valuable customers.


10) Add multiple payment options

multiple payment options


Tell your customers that your site is safe for browsing and transactions. Adding multiple payment options increases customers’ trust in your site. Payment options will enhance the credibility of your site. Customers buy more when they know they are dealing with a legitimate online store that has industry-leading safety measures in place. 


11) Make your website easy to explore


Visitors have billions of sites to choose from to make purchases, then why should they come to yours? make your website sufficiently user friendly that they deliberately chose your website. Make your site easy to browse through, try adding tabs that allow users to navigate it easily. Because well organized sites are what a customer looks for. Thus, try maintaining your website if you want to increase your product page conversions.


12) Enhance user experience


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Customers love to browse and buy from sites that offer an exquisite user experience. visitors on your site will eventually turn into customers if your site looks more appealing. For that you must have a catchy design with interactive media and pics where necessary. try making it more colorful but subtle, try not to make it too bold. Moreover, products must be listed in categories and each category should have relevant pics and text according to the category. Some sites also use videos and interactive icons to gain customer’s attention.


13) Fast processing


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No matter how good your site is, if it is slow and does not load pages fast enough, you are likely to lose your customers. Keep in mind that customers spend less than a minute on searching sites using search engines. They randomly open sites and leave if the webpage takes longer to load. If your site takes more than five seconds to load, it will lose visitors. For an e-commerce site, losing visitors is as good as losing customers. You can enhance your site’s loading time using tools and customizations.


14) Search and bring targeted visitors to your site


 First, you need to understand the type of audience you have as a visitor. 

Get to know your guests – Understand who they are and what they expect from you. Find what they need and try fulfilling their needs. This way, you can identify and direct them to your website.

Simultaneously, explain to them what you want them to do: download the app, subscribe to your newsletter, buy your product, and make an appointment, fill out a form, and the list goes on.

With a clear idea of ​​your purpose and how it meets the needs of your audience, the possibility to convert your visitor into customers increases. For instance, if the article makes you feel like you are interested in advertising; the same principles apply to all types of customer behaviour, regardless of services. 


15) Promoting e-commerce


When selling a product, you need to be consistent and clear to buy the product. Do not assume that customers will find your way or visit your website to determine how you will buy your product. Make it easy for customers to find your product or service and expand your live page through live chat, free shipping, etc.

Email them about your new products – Organize an email marketing campaign for popular holidays. Usually, reminders offer the opportunity to buy your product using prospects, product placement and program. With these simple methods, you will notice a stark rise in product page conversions.


16) Satisfy your customers 


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First try to list all your doubts and objections to your potential customers. secondly, add information to your site to eliminate or reduce those concerns. in this way customers will have a clear and concise argument about what you say and might be reluctant to take it at first. 

Thus, having  high-quality content on your website will help to draw in visitors as it will help many resolve their issues which may lead them to purchase something.


17) Provide proof


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 People are skeptical and want to see the evidence. Thus, adding proofs to your website will enhance its product page conversions rate tremendously. Showing proof to customers can raise their confidence in your site.

here the question arises,what kind of proof can you present? Start with customer testimony. People who have used your products have confirmed your request. It is better to use feedback from your customers and put them as testimonies on your website.  

Third-party reviews – Have you ever written for a business magazine or blog? Post it to your website for visitors to see.

Social evidence – If you have many customers, make it a well-known fact. If you have thousands of people/companies using your app, let others know about it that will trigger their interest.

Moreover, the best thing you can do is post a good demo of what your product does. Use videos to highlight the performance of your products and services, by this you can effectively increase the  product page conversions.


18) Eliminate distractions


Is there anything on the page that might offend the viewer? Visual inputs and action options for processing your guests are less likely to change your decision. Reducing distractions such as selecting unwanted products, links and external information will improve your product page conversions. Analyze your landing and product pages, and delete anything that you think might divert the attention of your visitors. Doing the following as well:

  • Delete or reduce the menu.
  • Remove side brackets and large heads.
  • Download unnecessary images.
  • Be careful not to post irrelevant content on landing pages.

Similarly, go through the website and check all pages to make sure no distraction remains.


19) Compare your site to the competition


Every product and service has its competitors – direct and indirect. Research clearly shows that people do their homework and compare between providers before purchasing a product..

With this in mind, use it to your advantage – compare your products with those of your competitors. For example, when choosing web hosting, they focus on the server area and monthly payments. When you compare it, you can find things that help you the most by comparing options. If your product is more expensive than other similar products, explain to your audience why.




The above discussed ideas, if utilized, will help you enhance the conversion rate of your website. Improving the product page conversions rate is not a one time affair, so you will need to check it from time to time. It is an ongoing process that requires patience and dedication. Getting it right will boost your sales tremendously and you will see your online business reaching new heights. It takes time and effort to convert visitors into customers. These tactics will surely improve the product page conversions rate of your site considerably. Make sure to include these tactics before the next landing page optimization.