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9 Advance Techniques To Increase Your eCommerce Conversion Rate In 2022

It comes as no surprise that having a well-structured and optimized website is becoming more of a necessity science. A business’s survival and success primarily rely on nowadays, given how fast-paced today’s digital space is evolving. In fact, according to a study published by the Monetate Ecommerce Quarterly (EQ), the average conversion rate for websites at the moment is almost 2%, i.e., one can expect two customers to actually buy a product from every 100 users that visit a website. And that’s a pretty good conversion rate since there are also websites with conversion rates as low as 0.1% and 0.2%. 


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This means that 1 or 2 out of every 1000 users ever buy anything. So how do websites get more customers and manage to increase their conversion rates by improving the eCommerce landing page? Here are  a few tries and tested advanced techniques that are sure to help you and your website increase conversion rates:


1) Add Popups to Your Website To Increase Conversion Rates


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With reference to a study conducted by Sumo, experts noted that a website with added popups has an average conversion rate of 3.9% compared to the otherwise conversion rate of a standard website which remains to be 2% on average. However, the same study also discussed that when used accurately and effectively, the same added popups can also increase the conversation rates of a website quite substantially, at times driving them up to even 9.28%. Try tada will assist you with pop-ups. 


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A user-friendly software which offers you highly customizable pop-ups. You can be inventive because you have complete authority over to customise the pop-up according to your preferences and needs.

To get the most out of the popups you add to your site and increase your sites conversion rates, you must:

  • Offer several different benefits to your users at any given time. These can include PDFs, High-quality content, a wide range of products, and even free rewards until you can successfully establish which popup seems to increase your site’s conversion rates the most.
  • Apply a 30-second timer to your popup to ensure it doesn’t irritate the users
  • Make the popups easy and quick to close.
  • Ensure the popup appears only once for every user with the help of cooking to make sure it doesn’t annoy your users.


Implementing these strategies will surely hike your conversation ratio. 


2) Add Reviews, Logos, And Testimonials To Your Site


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Adding reviews, testimonials, and logos to your site acts as social proof for your users and potential customers. Such social proofs make your site and product more authentic and give users a certain peace of mind that your products or services are tried and tested and that they aren’t the first to use them. 

Adding logos of associated companies, people and clients further solidifies the authenticity and reliability of your business and products/services and convinces users that your business already helped people. According to the growth marketing guru, Angie Schottmuller, these additional factors are so impactful that adding social proofs can sometimes increase conversion rates to as much as 400%.


3)Consider Adding A Third Party SignUp Option


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Alternative login options have recently become very popular. Instead of going through the hassle of creating a new user ID or profile for each website, users now prefer to save time and log in using existing accounts such as their google and Facebook accounts. This eliminates the need for a signup page and form completely and has an immediate and positive impact on increasing the site’s conversion rates.


4) Improve Your CTA Copy To Increase Conversion Rates


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The significance of CTAs is not lost on any of us. CTAs like “Sign Up,” “Subscribe Now,” “Start Trial” are very common and widespread. However, generic CTAs like these help with increasing conversion rates anymore. How can you work around that? Spend a little extra time on improving your CTAs and making them more exciting and convincing. Get creative and experiment. Usually, CTAs starting with the word YES seems to make them more impactful. You will notice that such CTAs work on your users psychologically by offering a positive aspect of your service or product and help with increasing the conversation rates of websites.

Trident AB can aid you with improving conversion rates of your website. Trident offers a AB testing tool which helps you get access to all the dos and don’ts that you need to consider while managing your website. This analysis of the insights will give you a clearer overview that will help you make effective decisions, resulting in business growth.


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5) Make Things Easier And Quicker For Your Users

Making matters easy and quick for the users visiting your sites helps increase the conversion rates. According to research, humans prefer to finish what they start for psychological reasons such as a sense of achievement and productivity. 

So try to make the initial step as easy and quick as possible. Instead of requesting users to fill in a complete form, just ask them for their email address, and if a form is an absolute necessity, try and make it as concise as possible.

The reason why marketers stress upon the user’s ease and comfort so much is because research shows that the easier the initial step, the greater possibility of the user providing their information. 


6) Add The Live Option To Your Site To Increase Conversion Rate




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It is very common for users to visit a website wanting to buy a product or a service but being on the fence about making the actual purchase. They might have a query, some questions, or maybe they would just like to know more about the product/service, and this is why live chat options are so crucial to a site, especially if you want to increase the site’s conversion rate.  

A simple live chat pop-up feature can make it easier for users and potential customers to have their queries and concerns addresses, leading to an increased convention rate. Tools like these have a substantial impact on boosting the site’s convection rate.


7) Money-Back Guarantees Work Like A Charm


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What are potential customers most concerned about when buying a product or service, especially if it is their first time? Something going wrong and them losing their money. So how do you convince such users to make a purchase and help dispel their concerns? You try to win their confidence by offering them a guarantee. And what’s most likely to grasp their attention and win their trust? The very thing that they are concerned might be wasted- their money! 

Marketers and businesses are both very well aware of how customers avoid risks of all sorts, especially when it comes to money. Offering customers money-back guarantees not only gives them peace of mind but also makes both your business and your product/service more authentic and trustworthy since money-back guarantees help businesses assuage customers’ fears and enable them to move past any doubts or objections.

Businesses do not just help significantly increase conversion rates but also help build customer trust by making customers feel more secure and in control regarding their purchase and their money.


8) Consider Adding A Point Of Purchase Upsell


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Although adding a point of purchase upsell doesn’t really increase a site’s conversion rate, it does help boost revenue generation quite considerably. Offering a similar product or listing products that customers usually purchase when a user adds a product to their cart and clicks on checkout encourages customers to make additional purchases. Doing so can help you increase the average value of an order by almost 10% to 20%. 


9) Eliminate Any Distractions


Users tend to avoid crowded websites at all costs, and if they do end up visiting a website with too many distractions, they tend to leave almost immediately. This is precisely why eliminating distractions from your website is absolutely critical if you plan to increase conversion rates for your site.

Try to make your website user-friendly, easy to navigate, clear, and very concise. To make sure that your website isn’t too crowded, try to only add what’s absolutely necessary, tigs like:

  • Headings and subheading
  • Advantages, product description, and features
  • Client testimonials and reviews
  • A combination of concise and relevant content and visuals to demonstrate your products and offers to your customers


Anything other than these few aspects is either unnecessary or redundant. And other essential tools such as live chat options, social proofs, etc., should only be added as popups and not crowd the website. You will notice that making your site easy to navigate and concise will almost immediately increase conversion rates as well as the SEO ranking of your site since doing so also makes it easier for Google to crawl your site.


Final Thoughts:


You can see after reading this article that increasing conversion rates and efficiently optimizing a website isn’t actually as tricky as marketers make it seem, especially when you have the right tips and strategies to implement. We are confident that implementing these tips and following these strategies will surely help you significantly increase conversion rates by effectively and efficiently reducing friction as well as by optimizing your conversion funnel.